Introducing Myduino V4 (Now S2duino)

(Editors Note: this blog post was first published on a, which has now been merged into The board has now been renamed S2Duino. S2 stands for either “single sided” or “super simple.” This post is published exactly as it appeared).

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Front of Myduino V4Now on it’s fourth iteration, here is Myduino V4. This DIY Arduino clone is simple to understand and easy to make. Pictured is the prototype board. Production boards are forthcoming.

  • Single sided Arduino clone
  • Most of the features of double sided boards
  • Easy to understand layout
  • Substantial traces for DIY etching
  • Small footprint: 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Plenty of PWR and GND connections(18 each)
  • Robust and flexible power circuit
  • Polarity protection diode
  • Uses all through hole components
  • Crystal oscillator for timing accuracy (instead of resonator for space savings)
  • Connect power via 2.1 mm barrel connector or XH2.54 connector
  • Standard FTDI header for programming
  • Jumper to select between USB 5v or DC power adapter
  • Green power LED
  • Yellow pin 13 LED
  • 4 mounting holes

Back of Myduino V4All these features are included in this small, one sided board without having to use a single jumper wire!

My goal when designing this board was to make a small DIY Arduino compatible board that was easy to understand and make.

The future is bright for Myduino V4. The components I was not able to include onto the board will be easily added with expansion boards (I’m calling x-boards) that fit on top of the header structure. USB connectivity, ISP-6 standard reprogramming header, multiplexer, motor drivers are just a few of the boards I have planned.

Thanks goes to Cory Kingsbury for his Complete DIY Arduino page. His design and info was instrumental in designing MD3 which lead directly to the design of MD4.

Click here to go the the MD4 project page:
S2duinoSuper Simple (Single Sided) Arduino Clone

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